Rhino statue in Obsidian and Opal

  • €13,000.00
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Product Code: SOO-01
  • Mineral: Obsidian | Opal
  • Dimensions: 51cm × 37cm × 30cm
  • Weight: 30.50kg


Prestigious and imposing statue of a rhinoceros carved from a large block of Obsidian.
Besides the premium quality of this mineral and the masterful craftsmanship, we can appreciate this work for the presence of large quantities of Ethiopian Opal that have been wisely exploited to create beautiful mosaics to color details of the subject such as horns and toenails.
The meticulous details of the animal make this object appreciated both from a purely artistic and a collector's side.
The glossy black color, in addition to being very elegant and suitable for any type of environment, highlights the Opals that seem to become even more luminous and colorful.
An article not to be missed.

Tags: obsidian, opal, statue, rhinoceros, black, mexico