Bison Obsidian Statue

  • €3,000.00
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Product Code: SOO-03
  • Mineral: Obsidian
  • Dimensions: 23cm × 15.50cm × 11.50cm
  • Weight: 3,130g


A beautiful statue of a mighty bison, made by hand carving a block of Obsidian from Mexico.
Collector's item which, thanks to its modern design and the refinement of the glossy black color, lends itself beautifully to become a precious piece of furniture.
In addition to its modern lines that make it possible to be placed in any type of environment, it is worth noting the beautiful contrast that was created by mixing glossy and opaque, creating a slight detachment of color between the animal and the furry coat.
In symbolism, the bison is seen as a symbol of strength and fertility.

Tags: obsidian, statue, bison, black, mexico