Red Marble Levanto Sphere

  • €500.00
  • Origin: Italy
  • Product Code: MLV-01
  • Locality: Levanto
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 230mm × 140mm × 140mm
  • Weight: 5,370g


Sphere with pedestal handmade in ancient red Levanto marble.
This variety of marble was used in ancient Roman times for the creation of statues, ornaments and furnishings, but some findings testify that it was highly appreciated in the Byzantine era.
The base is an oficalce with a red background, "designed" by dense white veins of calcite which give it a unique design.
A small inclusion of serpentine contributes to making this specimen even more rare.
The sphere rests on an ad hoc pedestal, also in red Levanto, which allows the entire composition to be displayed in a beautiful display.
Ideal for collectors of unique minerals or as a piece of furniture.
The diameter of the sphere alone is 14 cm and weighs about 4.8 kg.
The height including pedestal is 24 cm.

Tags: marble, red, red levanto