Coco De Mer

  • €900.00
  • Origin: Seychelles
  • Product Code: COC-07
  • Locality: Praslin Island
  • Dimensions: 300mm × 260mm × 170mm
  • Weight: 1,120g


Coco De Mer is a fruit that has become famous for 2 of its peculiarities.
The first is that it only grows on the island of Praslin and Curieuse in the Seychelles.
The second is that it has a strong resemblance to the female genitalia on one side and to the buttocks on the other.
Having become increasingly sought after by collectors all over the world, it is not unusual to find, as in this example, a process which, in addition to transforming it into a design object, increases its uniqueness.
This Coco De Mer has been sectioned, emptied and enriched by a fine inlay to create an extravagant and luxurious container that can be displayed as a piece of furniture.

Its history is also very fascinating: the fruit, when ripe, is very heavy, 15-25Kg. Unable to float, he sank into the sea until the internal pulp rotted and the internal gases made it resurface.
Hence the erroneous belief that it was the fruit of some unknown marine tree and that made him attribute the name of Coco De Mer.
Currently Coco De Mer is a protected species, therefore very difficult to find and therefore a coveted collector's item.

The sale is not forbidden, simply now the export is exclusively under the control of the government, which uses its revenues for conservation activities.

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