Rostrum Sawfish

  • €300.00
  • Product Code: RPS-01
  • Locality: Pacific Ocean
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 68cm × 5cm × 1cm
  • Weight: 319g


Spectacular rostrum of sawfish, fascinating and scary at the same time.
Thanks to their special equipment, sawfish can be counted among the most curious inhabitants of the sea.
An object that can not miss in the collection of a taxidermy enthusiast.
The rostrum of the sawfish can reach over a quarter of the total length of the specimen, in this case as much as 68 cm in length.
An important quantity that will give prestige and character to the room in which it will be placed.
Rostrum purchased before the cites (pre-1947), note that will be indicated in the sales document.

Tags: rostrum, sawfish, objects of curiosity, extravagant furniture, taxidermy