Pyrite Sphere

  • €830.00
  • Origin: Peru
  • Product Code: SGP-07
  • Mineral: Pyrite
  • Locality: Huanzala
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150mm × 150mm × 150mm
  • Weight: 6,130g


A beautiful and large sphere made of first choice cubic pyrite.
Specimen from the Huanzala mines in Peru, known as the best quality deposit of this variety of mineral.
The Pyrite has been handcrafted giving it a spherical shape.
The distinctive element of this geode is given by the mix of smooth and shiny surface in portions where it is possible to see its interior composed of a myriad of sparkling cubes placed at different depths.
A very charming collector's item and decoration of rare beauty.

Tags: sphere, pyrite, gold, peru