Quartz Point on base

  • €1,200.00
  • Origin: Germany
  • Product Code: SBL-13
  • Mineral: Quartz
  • Holder: Marble | Brass
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.50cm × 10cm × 10cm
  • Weight: 1,480g


An exclusive object that combines charm and design, a large extra clear quartz tip, mounted on a refined antique marble base with brass elements.
The base highlights the completely transparent crystal at the tip and with ghosts, as they are defined in the jargon, which thicken downwards, returning a more intense color.
The Quartz was set in a brass structure which in turn was mounted on the marble base.
Perfect Wunderkammer specimen for the eclectic collector.

Tags: quartz, brass, marble, germany