Ammonite Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus

  • €20,000.00
  • Origin: Russia
  • Product Code: AMM-201
  • Age: Middle Jurassic, Bathonian
  • Locality: Ulyanovsk, Volga River
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 270mm × 230mm × 75mm
  • Weight: 3.40kg


Rare and valuable Ammonite Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus from the Ulyanovsk region in Russia.
This fantastic species is known to collectors and experts in the sector for the presence (very marked in this specimen) of opalescences that "illuminate" the ammonite shell with an intense red color.
Specimen dating back to the Second Middle Jurassic - Bathonian 164.7–167.7 (ma).
A fascinating fossil destined to enrich a great Wunderkammer.

Tags: craspedodiscus discofalcatus, ammonite, russia