Ammonite Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus

  • €18,000.00
  • Origin: Russia
  • Product Code: AMM-202
  • Age: Middle Jurassic, Bathonian
  • Locality: Ulyanovsk, Volga River
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 340mm × 340mm × 180mm
  • Weight: 12.10kg


A fantastic and large, Ammonite Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus from the Ulyanovsk region in Russia.
In addition to its natural beauty, this specimen has been embellished by the presence of a base in Simbircite, a beautiful mineral that is aesthetically very similar to a precious marble.
Ammonite, on the other hand, is characterized by the presence of large opalescent portions, where it is possible to admire a beautiful tone of intense red and Pyrite veins that recall the brightness of the brass supports of the base.
Specimen dating back to the Second Middle Jurassic - Bathonian 164.7–167.7 (ma).
A fascinating fossil destined to enrich a great Wunderkammer.

Tags: craspedodiscus discofalcatus, ammonite, russia