Grey Amethyst Drusy

  • €1,250.00
  • Origin: Uruguay
  • Product Code: DAG-07
  • Mineral: Amethyst
  • Holder: Iron
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 365mm × 150mm × 110mm
  • Weight: 3,670g


Rare gray Amethyst from Uruguay.
A very difficult variety to find, above all of this quality and for this very sought after by expert collectors.
This Amethyst fascinates with its deep shades and its particular sparkles given by the crystals that compose it.
Mounted on a sober pedestal that wraps its forms, it becomes a splendid piece of furniture.

Amethyst dimensions: 260 × 150 × 111 mm
Dimensions with pedestal: 365 mm

Tags: Amethyst, Grey, uruguay, geode, drusy