Tubipora Musica

  • €2,500.00
  • Origin: Indian Ocean
  • Product Code: CORR-01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 420mm × 240mm × 230mm
  • Weight: 4.23kg


Tubipora Musica, aka Organ Pipe Coral, is the only known species of the genus Tubipora.Originally born in thje Indian Ocean, it is found also in the asiatic coasts of he Pacific Ocean.
Its skeleton is hard, made of calcium carconate, and inhabited by a colony of polyps living in the small pipes (similar to an organ pipe tube). During the day they extend the tentacles, but they withdray the at the smallest disturbance.
Its red color is usually invisible, covered by the grey and green tentacles. The entire colony can be one meter long, while each polips is only a few millimiters. They live in shallow waters where they eat plancton.
This stunning specimen is over 42cm long, and will be a marvellous home decor piece for an elegant apartment or an elegant accomodation facility, like hotel, spa, resort, relais.
In our gallery in the center of Naples you will find this and other corals to furnish your house, already on pedestal or to customize based on the home's design.

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