Rosso Francia Marble Sphere

  • €400.00
  • Origin: France
  • Product Code: SMR-01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 210mm × 210mm × 210mm
  • Weight: 11.60kg


Rosso Francia marble, also known as Rouge Incarnat or Languedoc, is a historic French marble used since the nineteenth century to adorn churches and noble palaces. Rosso Francia is a high quality material, with a bright and saturated color, arabesqueed by elegant white veins.
Perfect for embellishing classic and traditional design environments.
The most suitable finish for this type of material is certainly the glossy one, which shows off the beautiful white veins in stark contrast to the red background.
NB: the ring is not included in the sale, but used to take photos of our spheres.

Tags: marble, red, france