Amber from Lituania

€390.00 Ex Tax: €390.00

A legend tells that the god of thunder, Perkunas, angry because the sea goddess Jurate fell in love with Kastytis, a humble fisherman, with the power of the storm imprisoned the goddess and her amber ..

Amber with Inclusions

€68.00 Ex Tax: €68.00

A beautiful fossil with the inclusion of 4 insects inside it.They are 4 Diptera, one of 4mm, the others about 2mm.A precious finding that occurred in the Dominican Republic, in La Toca caves, a piece ..

Amber with Insects

€220.00 Ex Tax: €220.00

A stunning Umber dropwith two insect trapped inside of about 4 and 7mm:-one belongs to the Dictyoptera order,  Blattodee suborder (7mm);- the second one belongs to the Diptera order (4mm).The pie..

Baltic Amber

€725.00 Ex Tax: €725.00

A stunning specimen of Baltic Amber, with marvelous light hues, tending to white, that make the piece more precious. The lower part is mainly in a very light color, while the upper part is closer to t..

Blue Amber

€85.00 Ex Tax: €85.00

A stunning drop of Sumatra Blue Amber semi-transparent, that beyond the marvelous blue reflections (visible only under specific illumination) shows us its internal brown veining.The preciousness of th..

Blue Amber from Sumatra

€145.00 Ex Tax: €145.00

Blue Amber from Sumatra is the rarest existing amber. Its peculiarity is a blue coloration (not always visible at first sight) with different intensity, and actually only 1% of all the extracted amber..

Blue Amber from Sumatra

€45.00 Ex Tax: €45.00

A stunning drop of Sumatra blue amber, a beautiful piece very clean and transparent, with a very beautiful light blue reflection that does not go unnoticed.The amber deposits of Sumatra, mainly betwee..

Blue Amber on Pedestal

€3,800.00 Ex Tax: €3,800.00

A marvelous finding, a one in a million collectors object, a stunning piece of amber of great dimensions, 2.4Kg of Sumatra amber mined in one single block from the rock, to show the beauty of its colo..

Chiapas Amber

€335.00 Ex Tax: €335.00

This stunning piece shows us very unique colors beyond the classic orange transparency. Under artificial light or under direct sun light, it displays some very dark green hues with black veins, an..

Ciapas amber

€305.00 Ex Tax: €305.00

A stunning Ciapas amber, with many veining and some darker internal parts, has to be appreciated for its beauty and transparence.Under a direct light not only its blue hues (otherwise invisible) come ..

Ciapas Amber

€356.00 Ex Tax: €356.00

The amber from Ciapas is a natural resin that has benn subjected to a process of fossilization. So it is a fossil of organic origin, not  mineral.Ciapas Amber is a very sought-after variety, not ..

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