Black Slab of Fossil Wood

€120.00 Ex Tax: €120.00

Slabs of fossil wood are stunning historic and ornamental objects, not only for the exceptional nature of the events that brought the wood to fossilize instead of rotting, but also for the entire proc..

Black Slab of Fossil Wood

€120.00 Ex Tax: €120.00

The black slabs of fossil wood are highly decorative and evocative objects. The white, reddish and crystal stripes give unique beauty to the piece.They are considered to have a high mystic power, beca..

Fossil Trunk

€1,200.00 Ex Tax: €1,200.00

An interesting trunk of fossil wood, preserved in a completely natural way. Fruit of a natural disaster, fossil wood returns to light bringing with it millions of years of earth history. This splendid..

Fossil Wood Sphere

€160.00 Ex Tax: €160.00

Fossil wood not only is a very beautiful design object, but is also an astonishing piece of history to preserve in our homes.The process of petrification of the wood is very long and get almost 1000 y..

Fossilized Wood Slice

€240.00 Ex Tax: €240.00

Fossil wood slice from Indonesia.The fossil wood is often obtained from the part of a tree trunk preserved in the form of fossil discovery.Not everyone knows that the flora on our planet originated be..

Glove Box in Fossil Wood


A simple glove box, if cut in a piece of fossilized wood, can acquire a high decorative value, and become a striking furniture.No matter if you put it in an office, in a waiting room of a professionis..

Slab of Fossil Palm Tree


A splendid slab of fossil wood from Indonesia shows unique colors.The outer layer of the bark of this marvelous palm presents a beige color with the central part a dark blue with blue veins.The burial..

Slab of Fossil Wood

€225.00 Ex Tax: €225.00

Slabs of wood are beautiful fossils today used mainly to decorate houses, offices or professional studios.This piece of medium/big dimensions  (max length 29cm) has undergone a process of fossili..

Slab of Fossil Wood

€520.00 Ex Tax: €520.00

Fossil Wood is a mineral that requires at least 1000 years to come to a complete petrification and crystallization.It can be used as home decor or as the shelf of a small table, and it is a very beaut..

Slab of Fossil Wood

€570.00 Ex Tax: €570.00

The slabs of fossil wood are used in many different ways. The ones like this are mainly used are home decor objects, and kept in the house on iron pedestals, under a glass or in vertical to talk about..

Slab of Fossil Wood

€165.00 Ex Tax: €165.00

Slabs of fossil wood are  beautiful home decor furniture, today used as shelves for small tables, or decorations on a pedestal.They are organic origin minerals born from buried trunks, hence the ..

Slab of Fossil Wood

€170.00 Ex Tax: €170.00

When a very unique object in a wunderkammer needs a pedestal of high value, when a metallic or wooden base is not enough to highlight the beauty of a collectors specimen, pieces like this come into pl..

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