Ammonites are fossils of mollusk animals that lived in our planet's seas from Devonian, about 400 Mya, till the mass extinction event that occurred 65 Mya.
Because of their extraordinary diffusion in sedimentary rocks all around the world, they are extremely important guide fossils for geologic layers dating.
The shape of most of the ammonites is a spiral with many chambers, united with a syphon that the animal used to fill the shell with a gas, in order to move in the water.

Ammonite on Matrix Nodule

€170.00 Ex Tax: €170.00

Scientific Name: Perisphicentes Size of the Ammonite with Matrix: 133×102×59 mmSize wih Pedestal: 170×130×90 mmWeight: 960 gProvenance: Sakaraha, Madagascar..

Ammonite on Pedestal

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Species: CleonicerasSize of the Ammonite: 98×84×24 mmSize with Pedestal: 203×106×106 mmWeight: 450 gProvenance: Ambatolafia, MadagascarAge: Cretaceous, Albian (100,5-113,0 Mya)..

Ammonite Sculpture

Ammonite Sculpture

€750.00 Ex Tax: €750.00

Fantastic brass reconstruction of an ammonite from Madagascar.The ammonite is perfectly intact, polished, with visible growth suture lines.The tentacles were made of hand-worked brass with meticulous ..

Ammonite Sculpture

Ammonite Sculpture

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

Wonderful reconstruction of a fossil ammonite from Madagascar.The polished ammonite highlights the suture lines of the septa. The lava stone base enhances this creation.The tentacles of the animal wer..

Cleoniceras "Black Colour" on Brass Base

Cleoniceras "Black Colour" on Brass Base

€180.00 Ex Tax: €180.00

Size with base: 157x55x40 mmSize sectioned Ammonite: 61x51x14 mmTotal Weight: 570 gProvenance: Mahajanga, MadagascarBrass work: Italia..

Cleoniceras Ammonite

Cleoniceras Ammonite

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Size: 150x120x35 mm Weight: 440 g Provenance: Madagascar..

Dactiloceras Athleticum on matrix

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Fossils: Dactiloceras Athleticum Size: 30x10x6 cm Size with pedestal: 35x10x6 cm Weight: 1900 g Weight with pedestal: 2550 g Provenance: Forchheim, Schlaifhausen, Germania..

Paralcidia Ammonite

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Size: 24.5x20x9 cmWeight: 4700 gProvenance: Maine-et-Loire, FranciaAge: Callovian, 164-161 Mya..

Rare Ammonite - Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus

€12,000.00 Ex Tax: €12,000.00

Rare specimen of Ammonite of the species Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus, dating back to the second middle Jurassic - Bathonian 164.7–167.7 (ma).A unique, majestic, enchanting specimen, with red and gree..

Rare Ammonite - Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus

€14,000.00 Ex Tax: €14,000.00

RARE- Craspedodiscus Discofalcatus. A beautiful and majestic ammonite from Ulyanovsk, Polivno, River Volga, Russia.A unique example of an enchanting aesthetic, with lots of aragonite with intense oran..

Speetoniceras Ammonite

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Ammonite is the fossil of prehistorical sea creatures with a shape similar to a snail. Even though ammonities are very common, some of them distinguish themselves by a natural process in which the pyr..

Ammonites Madagascar Painting



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