Glass Bells

Acropora under Glass Bell

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

A natural acropora which, placed under a small glass bell, is transformed into an elegant piece of furniture.The black wooden base creates a chromatic separation by focusing attention on the natural s..

Butterflies under Glass Bell

€700.00 Ex Tax: €700.00

NYMPHALIDAECymothoe sangarisAuthor: Overlaet, 1944Locality: Sierra LeoneSize: 46mmBeaker's size: 450 x 165 x 280 mmWeight: 4600 gComing from the center of Africa, these thirteen butterflies will give ..

Hermit Crab under Glass Bell

€360.00 Ex Tax: €360.00

Coming from the Mediterranean's sea the Pagurus Bernhardus is a decapod crustacean very common.Having a body without protection, this animal lives using empty shells that it finds on the seabed. As it..

Longhorn Cowfishes under Glass Bell

€220.00 Ex Tax: €220.00

A natural composition of Lactoria Cornuta, also known as the horned boxfish.The dried fish, placed on brass supports at different heights, create a round that follows the shape of the base of the bell..

Metacarcinus magister

€155.00 Ex Tax: €155.00

CANCRIDAEMetacarnicus magisterAuthor: Dana,1852Locality: Atlantic OceanSize: 10 cm..

Mytilus and Spondylus under Glass Bell

€1,200.00 Ex Tax: €1,200.00

A large mussel with spondylus shows all its natural beauty. The forms of Mytilus galloprovincialis, placed on an iron support, are exalted by the glass bell hold and long.Mother nature creations that ..

Orange Pecten under Glass Bell


Five orange pectens mounted on brass supports turn into a very harmonious composition.Put under a glass bell this natural composition of shells becomes an elegant piece of furniture.At our headquarter..

Pagurus Bernhardus under Glass Bell

€300.00 Ex Tax: €300.00

A large Bernhardus Pagurus under a glass bell. Once this crustacean has been dried and treated, it has been inserted into a not its shell. We know that this type of animal doesn't have an armor of def..

Papilio Androgeus

€295.00 Ex Tax: €295.00

The Papilio Androgeus is one of the largest and most beautiful butterflies in Argentina and Mexico.The Androgeus is a very colorful butterfly, showy, certainly does not go unnoticed and in this compos..

Pecten and Balanus under Glass Bell

€400.00 Ex Tax: €400.00

PECTINIDAENodipecten SubnodosusAuthor: Sowerby I, 1835Locality: Baja California, MexicoSize: 130 mmBeaker's size: diameter 100 x H310 mmWeight: 1000 g..

Pecten and Gorgonia under Glass Bell

Pecten and Gorgonia under Glass Bell


Designed and manufactured by our artisans, this composition is made up of dark red pectens placed on brass supports.The shells with the gorgonian in the background, create a perfect trimensionality at..

Pecten and Gorgonia under Glass Bell

€185.00 Ex Tax: €185.00

Designed and created by our artists, this marine composition is made up by five dark red pectens placed on brass supports. The various heights of the shells mounted with a gorgonian in the background,..

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