Azurite is one of the most famous and most widely used stones in crystal therapy. It is connected to the high chakras and therefore works on the most sensitive plane of the human being. Inside it is possible to see micro-crystals that give it shine and allowed it to gain a place even in the field of jewelry.
The azurite stone, owes its term to the Persian word "lazhward", an area known for its deposits of another famous blue mineral, lapis lazuli.
In addition to its color, its vitreous luster and opaque transparency make it unique.
The translucent and transparent azurite specimens are extremely sought after as they are very difficult to find.
Since it is in effect a precious stone, cutting is done in cabochons and only rarely can it be found faceted.
At Mineral Art Gallery, we love stones just as mother nature created them and we also make jewelry with raw minerals and furnishing elements.
Another very interesting feature of azurite is that it cannot be subjected to treatments that allow it to improve its appearance and therefore risk buying a chemically treated specimen.