Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of quartz, compact and non-fibrous, opaque, impure and colored by the effect of iron oxides and hydroxides, manganese oxides and organic substances, especially remains of radiolarians. Jasper  has a softness of tones and a slightly fat glow. Often the coloring is uniform or distributed in spots, flames or with quartz veins. The yellow color is given by iron hydroxides, the red one by iron oxides and the brown one by manganese oxides. Jasper containing radiolarians has a very varied appearance which is difficult to refer to.
The main deposit, for the best varieties, are those of Saxony, Russia, Egypt, United States, Brazil, Madagascar and South Africa. Taped, red and green jasper from Russia has generally higher density than other types.
Jasper is used by those who need to be tenacious,  to strengthen the body and to improve digestion.