Volutidae is a family of sea shells belonging to the Super family of the Volutoidea.
Volute are very popular in shell collections, and there are about 250 known species.

The name Voluta comes from the Latin "Pergamena", because of their spiral-shaped shells with a long opening in the first spiral and an inner lip with a series of deep braids. They don't have operculum.
The Volutidae have stunning appearance, very beautiful colors, many subspecies and a great variety of shapes. It is considered by many collectors an aristocratic shell with a clear taxonomy and a stable nomenclature.
Cymbiola Aulica has been a famous species thanks to its description, written by Sowerby in 1825.
The Cymbiola Imperialis was classified over 200 years ago by John Lightfoot - in 1786 - and lives in a narrow sea area in the southern Philippines.
Colliotectum dalli, a mythical species that few collectors possess, lives in deep waters.