Giant Voluta Ebraea

  • €120.00
  • Product Code: VEG-01
  • Locality: Brazil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm × 121mm × 99mm
  • Weight: 688g


Voluta Ebraea, aka Hebrew volute, is a gastropod mollusk in the family of Volutidae.

The shell of an adult can grow up to 220mm, but the common size is between 100and 150mm. It occurs mainly in Brazil.

This specimen is 185mm long.

The shell is very robust, its external color is cream with a series of brown-reddish markings and lines that are said to resemble Hebraic figures. The interior can vary on shades of orange.

Tags: voluta ebraea, hebrew, volutidae, hebraic figures, giant