The name derives from the Latin cassi, cassidis, = helmet. This family rich of over 100 species, characterized by ovate-globose shells. Representatives of the genus Cassis include some large tropical species, often used as a raw material for cameos.
In our seas there are four species, two belonging to the genus Galeodea (the most common G. echinophora and the most localized G. rugosa) and two belonging to the genus Phalium (P. granulatum and the smallest P. saburon).
Some Cassidae: Cassis madagascariensis, Cassis cornuta, Cypraecassis rufa, Cassis tuberosa, Galeodea echinophora, Phalium granulatum granulatum, Phalium granulatum centiquadratum, Phalium granulatum undulatum.