Stuffed Animals

Taxidermy is an art that combines nature and science.
When an animal dies and nothing is stored, it is as if it died twice ... and the second is forever.
The magic of taxidermy lies in the possibility of stopping nature over time and transforming it into a work of art.
To practice taxidermy you need a great passion and respect for nature and animals, but also knowledge that comes from in-depth studies and continuous updates.
The word taxidermia derives from "taxis" and "derma", which in Greek means to make the skin available.
In fact, it is the skin with the hair, the feathers and the scales, which after a series of specific treatments, are laid on a body following in a faithful way the shapes and the size of the animal.
In Italy there are no schools of taxidermy, so who decides to take the path of the taxidermist, learn in the artisan shops of those who are willing to make available their knowledge for the growth of others and this fantastic art.

Chimera - Boar-fish

€1,600.00 Ex Tax: €1,600.00

A more unique object than rare, a perfect mix of more animals.Fused with each other thanks to the skill of an embalmer, this animal becomes a typical element to be included in a Wunderkammer (Italian ..

Chimera - Fish of the abysses

€1,200.00 Ex Tax: €1,200.00

A more unique and rare object, a real chimera, a perfect mix between naturalia and artificialia.4 fish in 1, skillfully fused together by the hands of one of the most famous embalmers in France.The pa..

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