Coco De Mer

  • €1,600.00
  • Origin: Seychelles
  • Product Code: COC-12
  • Locality: Seychelles
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 280mm × 220mm × 130mm
  • Weight: 815g


Coco De Mer is one of the most particular fruits in the world. It grows only on the island of Praslin and Curieuse (in the Seychelles) and has an incredible similarity on the one hand to the female genitals and on the other to the buttocks.
The ripe fruit is very heavy, 15-25Kg, therefore unable to float, it sank into the sea until the internal pulp rotted and the internal gases made it resurface. Hence the erroneous belief that it was the fruit of some unknown marine tree and the name "sea coconut" was born. This is also the reason why this palm has never spread to other islands.
Today a protected species, it has become an object of collection, as it is exported exclusively under the control of the government, which uses the proceeds for conservation activities.
A beautiful piece of furniture, a rare object that can be part of a private collection, or an exotic fruit to display on a restaurant's bulletin board, however it is used is a beautiful work of mother nature to be jealously preserved.

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