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Quartz and Tourmaline Sphere


  • €45.00
  • Product Code: QTS-01
  • Mineral: Tourmaline
  • Diameter: 6
  • Location: Brazil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.00cm × 6.00cm × 6.00cm
  • Weight: 320.00g
  • Availability: Sold

Tags: quartz sphere, sphere for meditation, magic sphere

The quartz sphere is traditionally linked to the internal and spiritual energies. It is used both in meditation and divination with different intentions; however both situations testify to its intrinsic and symbolic power.
Quartz is considered a protective mineral and purifier that not only helps to intensify the internal energies, but it also has the external ownership to help to visualize the aura around the people, identify any areas of shade in order to then work.
It seems to be this the reason for which is used in the divinatory art, that is to be able to see the person's aura reflected in the sphere, to understand its internal condition and from there to depart for foretelling its future.

Extra Details
Mineral Tourmaline
Diameter 6
Location Brazil