Fossil Shells Slab

  • €880.00
  • Origin: Florida
  • Product Code: FSS-20
  • Holder: Wood | Iron
  • Age: Pliocene (2,58 – 5,33 milioni di anni)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 480mm × 270mm × 190mm
  • Weight: 7.15kg


Fossil slab with an association of shells belonging to the genus Turritelle, Pecten and Cardium.
The professional preparation made it possible to bring to light and therefore beyond the matrix most of the shells, restoring a pleasant sensation of three-dimensionality.
In this way, in addition to mere aesthetic pleasure, it will be possible to admire the specimens from multiple points of view.
Mounted on a very decorative wooden and iron base, it will be perfect both for display in a Wunderkammer and as an exclusive design element.

Plate size: 360 x 260 x 55 mm

Tags: turritella, pecten, cardium, fossils, wood