Starfish under Glass Bell

  • €450.00
  • Origin: Indian Ocean
  • Product Code: CMP-37
  • Holder: Wood | Glass
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 332mm × 245mm × 245mm
  • Weight: 1,165g


Beautiful composition with starfish under glass bell.
We have put together various species of starfish to make this extravagant ornamental object as unique as it is fascinating.
A creation of the human flair that highlights the bio diversity of marine species.
In the center we find a large Spiny Sunstar, a very special starfish with twenty-one points.
They then alternate to vary shapes and colors and make the composition even more exclusive, other specimens such as the beautiful Poraster Starfish, a very curious Brittle Star starfish and much more.
A singular piece of furniture capable of adapting to any environment.

Tags: bell glass, starfish