Quartz Druze

  • €6,300.00
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Product Code: QRZ-93
  • Mineral: Quartz
  • Dimensions: 260mm × 240mm × 160mm
  • Weight: 4,500g


A beautiful cluster of first choice quartz crystal from Colombia, in the mines of Santander.
This variety of Quartz is famous and appreciated all over the world for its quality, recognizable by the almost glassy transparency and the formation of very thin crystal points.
This very large specimen is made up of a matrix of thicker points with a more saturated color, on which many transparent needle-like
points have formed with perpendicular streaks similar to those of Lemurian Quartz, which intersect each other creating a dense mesh.
AAA + quality specimen, nice to own both to embellish a collection and to display it as an exclusive ornament element.
In addition to its fascinating simplicity, Quartz is among the most popular minerals as an excellent channeler of positive energies.

Tags: quartz, white, brazil