Tourmalinated Quartz


  • €1,650.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: QTC-02
  • Locality: Corinto
  • Dimensions: 165mm × 80mm × 40mm
  • Weight: 645g


A beautiful specimen of Smoky Quartz with Tourmaline inclusions.
First choice specimen, coming from the mines of Corinth, in Brazil ... certainly one of the rarest and most expensive variants of Quartz on the market.
The Quartz has been professionally cut giving it a teardrop shape and inside you can admire tourmaline rods called "hair" some very thin, in the order of a millimeter in diameter and others thicker that protrude from the Quartz measuring up to about 5mm .

Tags: quartz, tourmaline, tourmaline, corinth, brazil