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Charming specimen of trilobite Austerops. This fossil, albeit small in size, is noted for its exceptional preparation and excellent conservation.The trilobites are considered as one of the first forms..

Cambropallas Telesto Geyer

€280.00 Ex Tax: €280.00

Scientific name: Cambropallas Telesto GeyerProvenance: Morocco - Anti Atlas MountainsAge: Lower CambrianFormation: Ibel Wawrmast Size of the Trilobite: 21 x 15 cmSize of the matrix: 27 x 22  x 7 ..

Comura Bultyncki

€1,800.00 Ex Tax: €1,800.00

Beautiful specimen of a super spiny trilobite Comura Bultyncki of Morocco with excellent preparation.There are over 50 free spines that travel the exoskeleton of this fossil, and the eyes are extremel..

Cornuprteus sp

€120.00 Ex Tax: €120.00

The Cornuprteus sp is a trilobite fossil dating back to the lower Devonian.This specimen is well preserved and all the details are completely preserved, like small tubercles on the headache and on the..

Crotalocephalus Africanus Sp.

€115.00 Ex Tax: €115.00


Cyphaspides Sp

€240.00 Ex Tax: €240.00

A trilobite fossil, specifically a Cyphaspides from Morocco. The sample in question is stored in its original matrix and maintains its appearance to perfection. Millions of years that come to light sh..

Cyphaspis Walteri

€150.00 Ex Tax: €150.00

Fantastic specimen of trilobite Cyphaspis Walteri, also known by the name of "Devil Horned" because of the cephalic spines.Exemplary full of details with cephalic and axial spines prepared outside the..

Cyphaspis Walteri Sp

Cyphaspis Walteri Sp

€150.00 Ex Tax: €150.00

Beautiful pair of trilobites from Morocco and dating back to the middle Devonian. The preparation of these two samples was meticulously highlighting the characteristic element of this pair of Cyphaspi..

Cyphaspis Walteri Sp and Hollardops

€450.00 Ex Tax: €450.00

Beautiful group of trilobites among which are three of the species Cyphaspis Walteri and a Holardops.A fascinating discovery that sees these four animals in an excellent state of conservation on their..

Cyphaspis Walteri Sp. - Devil Horn

€125.00 Ex Tax: €125.00

Excellent specimen of fossil trilobite. Specifically it is a Cyphaspis Walteri. This trilobite is also known by the name of "Devil horn" for its cephalic spines.A specimen in which the details have be..

Dicranurus Monstrosus

Dicranurus Monstrosus

€1,200.00 Ex Tax: €1,200.00

The Dicranurus Mostrosus is an extinct arthropod belonging to the trilobites, lived in the lower Devonian.This species of Trilobite had a small body, but the long spines on the entire exoskeleton made..

Drotops Armatus forma armata

€1,200.00 Ex Tax: €1,200.00

Majestic specimen of Drotops Armatus armed form.This type of trilobiti was characterized not only by its considerable size, by the presence of a large amount of spines on the entire surface, even the ..

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