Agate Table

€850.00 Ex Tax: €850.00

An agate disk extracted from a large geode from Brazil. Polished superficially and set on an iron pedestal, it turns into an elegant table.Millions of years that reworked with skillful mastery are tra..

Citrine Quartz Table

€1,450.00 Ex Tax: €1,450.00

Brazil Citrine Quartz coffee table with handmade structure.The table has three feet in black painted iron that support the citrine geode almost in a dance of suspension under a glass with rounded prof..

Amethyst Druze Table

€2,500.00 Ex Tax: €2,500.00

Spectacular table in druse of Brazilian amethyst. This natural conformation was laid on a handmade iron base, created to enhance the beauty of this mineral. A simple elaboration transforms a natural c..

Amethyst Druze Table

€2,900.00 Ex Tax: €2,900.00

A singular Amethyst druse from Brazil turns into an elegant table. Lying on a simple structure in black iron, handmade, it modifies a natural element in an elegant interior design accessory.The transp..

Amethyst Druze Table

€2,000.00 Ex Tax: €2,000.00

A natural druse of amethyst with irregular contours is transformed thanks to human hands in a singular table.The structure in black iron wraps and supports the druse highlighting the uniqueness of thi..

Amethyst Table

€3,400.00 Ex Tax: €3,400.00

Extracted from a great geode this beautiful amethyst is transformed, thanks to the iron support, into an elegant coffee table.The particularity of this section of amethyst is the presence of the stone..

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