Kambaba Jasper

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Little known as stone, the Jasper Kambaba is attracting more and more interest especially for its beauty.Characterized by its green color with black circles, it is used in crystal therapy because it's..

Kambaba Jasper

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Formed as a result of the process of fossilization of Stromatolites, Jasper Kambaba is currently a little-known mineral.Its color has a green background with circular shapes ranging from dark gray to ..

Kambaba Jasper

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Jasper kambaba is a formation of marine sediments, specifically fossil algae.Mineral little known, has some particular colors. On the green-gray background, globular green shapes with black outlines a..

Kambaba Jasper

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A beautiful conformation of Kambaba jasper that, polished by man, will become a beautiful decorative object. Placed on a shelf, in a display case or on a piece of furniture, this jasper will attract t..

Kambaba Jasper

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A particular conformation of kambaba jasper shows all its beauty.Sedimentary rock, often this jasper is confused with the Nebula. The difference in addition to the type of formation is noted in the co..

Kambaba Jasper Basin

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A beautiful basin made of kambaba jasper will become a stunning decorative object for the house, at the center of a table, a dresser or a shelf at the angle of a room.However it will be used, an objec..

Kambaba Jasper Obelisk

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Kambaba Jasper is a sedimentary stone made mainly of fossil algae (pay attention to not confuse it with Nebula stone, that has reverse colors and, most important, is not a fossil).In crystal therapy i..

Kambaba Obelisk

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Kambaba Jasper is a beautiful mineral made of sea sediment, more specifically of fossilized algae.This stone has a very unique design, opaque green dots with a black outline on a greyish-green backgro..

Madagascar Jasper

Madagascar Jasper

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Madagascar Jasper

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Jasper is a stone that can take different colors and based on these, also vary the effects on the body and psyche. Its soft tones mixing with each other give life to unique patterns.This specimen pres..

Madagascar Jasper

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Madagascar Jasper


The Jasper of Madagascar is an opaque and compact stone, belonging to the family of quartzes. It presents different colors, which often mixing with each other give life to unique natural sceneries.Thi..

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