American Black Bear Skull

€2,900.00 Ex Tax: €2,900.00

The American black bear or Ursus americanus is a very common animal in North America.The skull in question comes from Canada and is in an excellent state of preservation.The teeth are perfect and we a..

Australian Wood Duck Skull - Chenonetta Jubata

€75.00 Ex Tax: €75.00


Cougar Skull

€1,400.00 Ex Tax: €1,400.00

Considered a sacred animal by Aztecs and Maya, it was also considered by the Incas of Peru.The cougar in America is present in the northern, central and southern areas.Like all Felidae, the mouth of t..

Crocodile Skull in Silver


The crocodile appeared on earth in the Cretaceous period. A large reptile that during the years has not changed its way to life. Located mainly in marshy areas or along lake shores, it is diffused all..

Ermine Skull


Stupendous ermine skull in excellent condition. It is presented with a small glass case with a support that holds it, excellent for protecting the sample and for export. Inside we also have the scient..

Hammerhead Shark's Skull

€600.00 Ex Tax: €600.00

SPHYRNIDAESphyrna MokarranAuthor: Rüppell, 1837Locality: MadagascarSize: 69 x 29 x 20 cm..

Hippopotamus Lemerlei Fossil Skull

€15,000.00 Ex Tax: €15,000.00

An exceptional fossil of Hippopotamus Lemerlei from Madagascar. Considered a parent of the modern hippopotamus, this mammal has been found on the banks of the lakes and rivers of Madagascar, a sign of..

Lepus Europaeus Skull

Lepus Europaeus Skull

€90.00 Ex Tax: €90.00

With the scientific name of Lepus Europaeus we refer to the common hare or European hare.This skull is in an excellent state of preservation and is presented with a small glass case perfect to preserv..

Mako Shark's Skull

Mako Shark's Skull

€650.00 Ex Tax: €650.00

LAMNIDAEIsurus oxyrinchusAuthor: Rafinesque, 1810Locality: MadagascarSize: 36 x 33 x 31 cm..

Martes Martes Skull

€150.00 Ex Tax: €150.00

The scientific name martes martes means the marten or Eurasian marten.The skull of this carnivorous mammal is in an excellent state of conservation.The display case makes it a perfect object for those..

Memento Mori

€900.00 Ex Tax: €900.00

A very particular object dating back to the Victorian period (late nineteenth century), a skull made in wood and placed on a pedestal turns into a perfect object for a wunderkammer.The piece shows nor..

Pheasant Skull

€75.00 Ex Tax: €75.00

The scientific name of the common pheasant is Phasianus colchicus.This bird belongs to the Fasianidae family and is an animal with medium-large size.The skull of this animal is sold with a glass case ..

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