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  • €280.00
  • Product Code: SOB-03
  • Mineral: Sodalite
  • Location: Brazil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.00cm × 13.00cm × 36.00cm
  • Weight: 6.90kg
  • Availability: Sold

Tags: Sodalite, sodium silicate, Brazil

Beautiful example of natural sodalite from Brazil. Smoothed superficially by the hand of man, in this sample we notice the singular white geometries given by feldspar. This sodium silicate, from which it derives its name is widely used to create inlaid objects.
Encouraging a state of tranquility, the sodalite, often is placed in the bedroom as it induces sleep and rest better.
This natural element is therefore transformed into an excellent piece of furniture to be displayed in your home.
A natural stone that will give elegance and uniqueness.
Extra Details
Mineral Sodalite
Location Brazil