Fossil Knightia on base

  • €170.00
  • Origin: America
  • Product Code: WFF-10
  • Holder: Wood | Brass
  • Age: Eocene
  • Locality: Green River, Wyoming
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 160mm × 140mm × 80mm
  • Weight: 565g


Fossil fish of the species knightia, coming from the green river in Wyoming.
The fossil fish of Wyoming are very famous and sought after by enthusiasts, as this area is rich in numerous excellently preserved finds.
The preparation of this fossil was professionally carried out by an expert in the sector.
This extinct fish lived between the Middle Paleocene and the Middle Eocene.
Mounted on a wooden and brass base turned in a traditional way.

Slab dimensions: 140 x 85 mm
Fossil length: 110 mm

Tags: fish, fossil, green river, eocene