Bowmouth Guitarfish - Rhina Ancylostoma

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A wonderful example of Rhina Ancylostoma, also known as guitar fish, of 167 cm, coming from the Pacific Ocean.Sebbeno is the only example of his category, the guitar shark, has characteristics, a half..

Lemon Shark

Lemon Shark

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LAMNIDAENegaprion brevirostrisAuthor: Poey, 1868Locality: Pacific OceanSize: 92 x 26 x 17 cmWeight: 930 g..

Mako Shark's Head

Mako Shark's Head

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LAMNIDAEIsurus oxyrinchusAuthor: Rafinesque, 1810Locality: MadagascarSize: 28 x 26 x 12 cm..

Pair Silver Plated of Dogfish Sharks

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Size with Pedestal: 50x83x20 cmSharks' length: 55 e 57 cmTotal Weight: 2070 gProvenance: Mediterranea SeaHandwork: Italy..

Rhinobatos productus

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Size: 50 x 17 cm circa Weight: 160 g circa Provenance: Pacific Ocean..

Stingray - Myliobatoidei sp.

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The breed is a cartilaginous fish widespread in all temperate seas.This model is a beautiful and sought after collector's item for all lovers of the marine world, is well preserved and is full of fasc..

Stingray - Myliobatoidei sp.

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